Flat springs and the lighting sector

Adriatica Molle produces sheared and shaped springs, in tape and strip with thicknesses from 0.10 mm up to 2.00 mm. The design, development and construction of the equipment are performed internally, using specific software and machines. Carbon, stainless steel and other related materials, such as bronze, nickel silver, constantan, are the standard materials used [...]

Adriatica Molle and compression springs

Adriatica Molle was made in 1977. Experience, dedication and professionality always distinguishes us. The use of good raw materials, tecnologically new machines and a costant investment in human resources and in the research, make us grounded and fast-moving. We realize spring of every type and dimension: Tension Springs, Torsion Springs,  Compression Springs, Belt Springs, Shaped [...]

We design and build molds and equipment

Adriatica Molle designs and creates in-house the equipment for the building of new springs and / or elastic components. From drawing by the customer, through specific programs, we design the equipment / molds necessary for the production of new springs, in compliance with the required requirements. Our qualified technicians perform the [...]

New heat treatment automatic station

Adriatica Molle introduces a new machine: the automatic heat treatment station. Thanks to Agibi Progetti machine we increase the control and stability of the heat treatment process. The introduction of the new automatic station allows us to increase the level of precision and traceability of heat treatments and increase production capacity. In addition, we [...]

Automotive industry: Adriatica Molle landed in Brazil

Adriatica Molle internationalization goes on reaching a new goal in the automotive industry landing in Brazil. More precisely, it is the city of Itatiba in the State of Sao Paulo. Despite the recession that affects Brazil and the car market, Brazil remains a very important market in the automotive industry. Earlier this year, the [...]

Flat springs in Duratherm 600 for motors

Innovation and research in Adriatica Molle bring to a new project for Duratherm 600 flat springs in the automotive sector. We tell you a case from Brazil which concerns a specific component for car engines. Adriatica Molle experience teaches that a basic characteristic of motor spring is the high-temperature resistance. This is why the [...]