Innovation and research in Adriatica Molle bring to a new project for Duratherm 600 flat springs in the automotive sector.
engine-flat springs
We tell you a case from Brazil which concerns a specific component for car engines. Adriatica Molle experience teaches that a basic characteristic of motor spring is the high-temperature resistance.
This is why the R&D Manager Floriano Vissani has identified the right material in Duratherm 600, already used for other components in the automotive sector.
Molle a nastro Adriatica Molle

Duratherm 600 Flat Spring: project feasibility study

The project started by the technical drawing provided by the customer as usual, until the realization of Duratherm 600 Flat Spring. From the design we realized that this was a complex geometry flat spring. Such complexity has led to the need to carry out various tests to reach the final spring.
Duratherm 600 material has special characteristics that distinguish it and make it suitable to be used for springs which go inside of engines and / or turbines.
The properties are:

  • High heat resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • High resistance to corrosion and rust
  • High elasticity

Duratherm 600 special material is used to make springs for different fields:

  • Springs and switching elements for high thermal loads
  • Corrosion-resistant membranes, for example in pressure gauges
  • Elastic components exposed to extreme cycles, for example, valves, turbines or engines
  • Springs for the chemical industry

Flat Springs: design, materials and applications

Adriatica Molle manufactures and designs sheared, in flat and shaped flat springs
The design, development and construction of the equipment, are performed internally by software and specific machines.


Molle nastro Adriatica Molle
Molle a nastro Duratherm 600

Molle a nastro Duratherm 600 Adriatica MolleFlat springs can be realized in different materials, in different thicknesses and with special treatments. Moreover, they are used for various applications such as spare parts, mechanics in general, models, toys, electronics, lighting, food, fashion, gifts, intercoms or biomedical sector.