Adriatica Molle was made in 1977. Experience, dedication and professionality always distinguishes us. The use of good raw materials, tecnologically new machines and a costant investment in human resources and in the research, make us grounded and fast-moving.

We realize spring of every type and dimension: Tension Springs, Torsion Springs,  Compression Springs, Belt SpringsShaped Springs.

Compression springs

We produce and project both tiny compression springs, with a string diameter as little as 0,1mm, both big compression springs, with the string as big as 35 mm, even with variable structures(conical, biconical, with variable pitch, etc.).

They are used in distribution of  cars and motorbikes, shock absorber,replacements, moorings, valves, toys, forks, model building, earth and water movement, intercoms. these (and not only these) are the sectors where compression springs can be used.

quality materials are used for the production of these spring: carbon strings and belts, alloy steel and not-alloy steel,Phosphor bronze, bress, german silver.

Adriatica Molle is one of the few italian spring producer that use special alloys at high temperature, high solicitations and performances for example 

Titanio, Inconel, Hastelloy, Nimonic, Rene, Waspalloy, Springflex and many others.

They can be subjected at surface treatments, like the Peening, the Sandblasting, Oiling, and painting.

compression springs

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