Extension springs: sports equipment

We manufacture and design tension springs with wire diameters from 0.1 mm to 35.0 mm, with German, English, swivel or other special eyelets. They can be made with standard materials such as: carbon, alloy, stainless steel or with special materials such as Titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, Nimonic, Rene, Waspalloy, Springflex and others. [...]

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Adriatica Molle and compression springs

Adriatica Molle was made in 1977. Experience, dedication and professionality always distinguishes us. The use of good raw materials, tecnologically new machines and a costant investment in human resources and in the research, make us grounded and fast-moving. We realize spring of every type and dimension: Tension Springs, Torsion Springs,  Compression Springs, Belt Springs, Shaped [...]

New heat treatment automatic station

Adriatica Molle introduces a new machine: the automatic heat treatment station. Thanks to Agibi Progetti machine we increase the control and stability of the heat treatment process. The introduction of the new automatic station allows us to increase the level of precision and traceability of heat treatments and increase production capacity. In addition, we [...]

“In the world of springs”, Industry interviews Adriatica Molle

On the occasion of MIDEST Fair, the 1st show in the world of industrial subcontracting and Italian trade agency, Adriatica Molle was interviewed by "Industry". It is the tabloid of the newspaper "Il Giornale", around the world of italian industry, distributed at UNIONCAMERE and MIDEST. In the November edition, Industry decided to get even "In [...]

Compression springs and extension springs calculation integrated to ERP

Adriatica Molle has implemented and perfected an calculation software integrated to ERP management that allows you to calculate, study and plan the desired spring, in connection with all materials currently available in stock. OPERATION The software used (Infracom Panthera) allows the calculation of compression and extension springs using the following parameters inside the same calculation: [...]