Compression springs: shock absorbers

The shock absorbers are composed of compression springs that allow us to correct the attitude, movements and braking behavior of a vehicle. The spring is a fundamental part of the suspension that allows you to manage and correct the weight. A spring is identified with a constant that indicates the force with which it [...]

Adriatica Molle and compression springs

Adriatica Molle was made in 1977. Experience, dedication and professionality always distinguishes us. The use of good raw materials, tecnologically new machines and a costant investment in human resources and in the research, make us grounded and fast-moving. We realize spring of every type and dimension: Tension Springs, Torsion Springs,  Compression Springs, Belt Springs, Shaped [...]

New MC 30 wrapping machine for cylindrical springs

The MC 30 wrapping machine has 9 electronically controlled axes and can process wires up to 3 mm in diameter, with preload control. New 9-axis wrapping machine, which processes wires with a diameter of 0.4 to 3.0 mm This new machine allows us to continue to improve production efficiency and quality, compensating [...]

Spring in the Petrochemical Industry: Ellena Spa – Case History

When we think of the springs we imagine small apparently unimportant objects. Yet each spring is a fundamental part of a larger project. Small or big, that project without that spring would not work. Spring is that detail that makes the difference and can solve a security problem like Ellen's case. The compression [...]

Spring Former’s results: shaped springs, torsion and double torsion springs

The new Spring Former started producing and the results are amazing: shaped springs, double torsion springs, and even compression springs to a particular size. We had already talked about the Spring Former and to remember it is the new model NFA 80, developed by Shinko to make springs with special geometries. The new Spring Former [...]

“In the world of springs”, Industry interviews Adriatica Molle

On the occasion of MIDEST Fair, the 1st show in the world of industrial subcontracting and Italian trade agency, Adriatica Molle was interviewed by "Industry". It is the tabloid of the newspaper "Il Giornale", around the world of italian industry, distributed at UNIONCAMERE and MIDEST. In the November edition, Industry decided to get even "In [...]

Compression springs: applications, materials and design

There are numerous applications of compression springs. In general, the compression springs are used in cars, motorcycles, shock absorbers, spare parts, in the shipping industry, for moorings in the biomedical field, in the field of ground handling, the door communication and in many other sectors. Adriatica Molle has a Planning and Development Department within [...]