Corporate philosophy that becomes a concrete way of acting

Finding tomorrow’s solutions today, anticipating market demands. We respond with facts. Diversified market demands are a stimulus to experiment with innovative and pioneering solutions. We have been working with special alloys and materials such as Titanium and Inconel for more than 20 years, and we are the only ones in Italy producing with a wire of diameter range from 0.10 to 35 mm.

Adriatica Molle has been recognized by CNA Marche as “Excellent company for innovation in the market” for three years in a row.

Listening, analysis and feasibility

The creation of a spring comes from listening to the customer’s needs. The most suitable solutions for implementing the project are studied. We offer a total consultancy service that allow us to analyze the technical feasibility of the proposal together with the customer.
All products are customized and made according to Just In Time techniques. Thanks to stable, multi-year relationships with certified suppliers and the most qualified producers in the world, we are able to obtain constant availability of high quality raw materials.

We use an integrated production, logistics and quality system that allows us to reduce production and fulfillment lead times.



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