Respect for The Environment

A corporate philosophy that translates into tangible actions

From the quality of our products to the quality of our work and that of the environment.
The company boasts an integrated management system for quality and the environment that is certified according to ISO 9001. Several company decisions are geared towards environmentally conscious solutions: the photovoltaic plant for energy saving, replacement – where feasible – of non-biodegradable materials, reduction of hazardous waste and special attention towards raw material recovery. Finding today the solutions for tomorrow Anticipating market needs. This is the big challenge. And Adriatica Molle replies with facts. New demands by customers stimulate us to experiment with innovative solutions. The company processes special alloys and material such as titanium and Inconel, and is the only company in Italy to use wires with a diameter ranging from 0.10 to 35 mm.

Adriaticamolle - Qualità

Know-how and advice
Studying the most suitable solutions for customer needs while offering constant advice in every phase of the product’s development. Adriatica Molle is always willing to offer guidance and suggestions to enable its clientele to make the best choices.

In the Name Of Quality

Thanks to its logistic-organisational structure, the constant availability and quality of the raw materials, continuous monitoring of each work phase and solid relationships with the most qualified international manufacturers, the company is able to guarantee a high quality standard for its supplies and timely satisfy the requests of the most demanding clientele, with innovative solutions.

Unsurprisingly, CNA (Italian National Confederation of Handicraft) has acknowledged the company as an “excellent company for innovation in the market” for 3 consecutive years.