Patron Feast of Castelfidardo May 14: offices are closed

We inform you that on the occasion of the Patron Feast of Castelfidardo, the offices of Adriatica Molle will be closed on May 14th.  For any communication we remain at your disposal:  Order management and planning: tel. 071 7822061 int. 2 Receiving orders: tel. 071 7822061 int. 3  Commercial Manager: tel. 071 7822061 int. 4  Purchasing Manager: tel. [...]

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We design and build molds and equipment

Adriatica Molle designs and creates in-house the equipment for the building of new springs and / or elastic components. From drawing by the customer, through specific programs, we design the equipment / molds necessary for the production of new springs, in compliance with the required requirements. Our qualified technicians perform the [...]

Volley: spring of victory flips and for Lube is Italian Cup 2017

The desire for revenge allowed Lube Volley to flip the spring of victory and win the Italian Cup 2017 men's volleyball. In front of an audience of 8000 spectators the two teams of Civitanova and Trent have been fighting like two lions in the arena. In the field there can only be one winner and [...]

Adriatica Molle in support of children for “Pensare Oltre”

Adriatica Molle embraces "today's children, men of tomorrow" We have in fact decided to support the project designed and carried forward by the non-profit and Cultural Movement "Pensare Oltre". The association's mission is "To inform, dispel the fashion noise and affirm in the school and in the family, the educational values through art, sports, valid [...]

“In the world of springs”, Industry interviews Adriatica Molle

On the occasion of MIDEST Fair, the 1st show in the world of industrial subcontracting and Italian trade agency, Adriatica Molle was interviewed by "Industry". It is the tabloid of the newspaper "Il Giornale", around the world of italian industry, distributed at UNIONCAMERE and MIDEST. In the November edition, Industry decided to get even "In [...]

Adriatica Molle sponsors Lube Volley

During these days the new season of the series A volleyball championship has broken down with the first day round of Super League. Among the top teams there is Lube Volley and Adriatica Molle will be with them in this adventure. Adriatica Molle Sponsor Lube Volley Adriatica Molle is among the new sponsors of [...]

Compression springs and extension springs calculation integrated to ERP

Adriatica Molle has implemented and perfected an calculation software integrated to ERP management that allows you to calculate, study and plan the desired spring, in connection with all materials currently available in stock. OPERATION The software used (Infracom Panthera) allows the calculation of compression and extension springs using the following parameters inside the same calculation: [...]