For nearly two years we have introduced a special material called DURATHERM 600 inside Adriatica Molle. Only ones in Italy to use this material, invented and produced in Germany.

By working this material we found immediately the distinctive characteristics compared to other special materials.

They are:

  • High heat resistance (up to 600 ° C)
  • High mechanical strength
  • High corrosion resistance


Materiali Speciali

How did we discover and use this material?

The case that we tell you led us to DURATHERM 600 in relationship with sports cars field, especially with car turbines. All this comes from a specific demand: increasing the mechanical and thermal resistance of elastic components located in car turbines in order to work at higher temperatures for longer time compared to current standards.



Adriatica Molle R&D began a six-month research process that involved various tests, samples and comparison with turbines on car of other competitors. In particular, thanks to spectrometric analysis on materials of other turbines, we discovered the material and the company supplier. The next step saw us engaged in the samples that immediately resulted in a positive outcome for the end user resulting in long-term supply contract. The first supplies were devoted to a single car model. For the future DURATHERM 600 will be used probably on two sports car models.

This experience was for Adriatica Molle a great challenge. New customers demands are an incentive for us to experiment with innovative solutions, to be always ready to market demands. Of course, we always work in certified quality system. Adriatica Molle fact has an integrated management system for quality and environment, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EMAS registration.