To be competitive in the market we have increased our productivity, bringing the company more and more technology. The latest purchase made is an EDM.

Wire EDM is a type of EDM which, through the use of an electrically charged brass or copper wire, works the mold or equipment necessary to obtain the desired shape. In this application, therefore, it is the same conductive wire that is used as an electrode to erode and profile the piece.

The main features of wire EDM machining are:

  • Possibility of working very hard metals (hardened steel, tungsten carbide and other conductive materials) or hardened with thermal or chemical treatments (hardened, carburized, carbonitrided, etc …). And it is with these tools made of special materials that we make our springs.
  • Possibility of making cuts and cavities impossible for conventional techniques. The technique uses an electro-chemical process, and not a mechanical one, in fact in the absence of rotation the cutting tool no longer has the constraint of being axially symmetrical. It is possible to obtain sharp edges, create ribs and cavities with shapes or profiles of great complexity, responding to customer needs with increasingly elaborate details.
  • Possibility of cutting a programmed contour using a metal wire (electrode). Extrusion dies, cutting punches are often flush machined. In the machining area, each discharge creates a crater in the piece (material removal) and an impact on the wire (wear of the tool-electrode).

This is one of our molds, in K110 steel, made to obtain a strip spring for contacts; with the new EDM we have saved 4 hours of work.

It allows us to carry out high-precision machining of miniaturized components in various technological sectors, such as the aerospace industry, medical instruments and semiconductors, which may require the use of wires with diameters up to 0.1 mm.

With the use of this new machinery there are numerous results we have found to increase productivity and decrease time to market.