The number of machines for flat springs grows to 8 inside Adriatica Molle. Indeed, we have introduced a new LAFRANCONI machine – classic line – LM 500 which is characterized by the following features:

– Working plan adaptable to the needs of radial and linear processing

– Motorization with servomotor and high precision driver

– Fully integrated electrical panel on the machine

– Integrated modem for remote support

– Software for the management of integrated controls in the production process

– Modular Equipment composed by slides, presses and accessories in response to specific needs

– Possibility to install additional modules for tasks such as welding, tapping, screwing

The introduction of this new machine allows us to create a considerable advantage in precision and speed level for machine tooling. Moreover it let the production capacity to increase with particular reference to flat springs and the required applications in mechanics, modeling, toys, electronics, lighting, food industries, fashion, decorative, door communication and not least biomedical field.