The 5S (Seiri-Separate, Seiton-Order, Seiso-Clean, Seiketsu-Standardize and Shitsuke-Respect) are a simple and essential method that has profoundly changed our company for the better; they are a practice that, starting from the most immediate things, such as tools, equipment and the environment in which we operate every day, acts on the growth of awareness and presence in reality, individually and collectively; they are an exercise that leads back to the here and now.

The 5S are the prerequisite of every method for continuous improvement: by working on awareness, they create the basic conditions for improvement in the company at all levels.

We have applied this methodology in certain departments, called by the 5S Cantieri methodology:

  • Tooling design
  • Tooling construction
  • Large folding machines
  • Small folding machines
  • Manual shooting



With this method, we immediately obtained benefits such as eliminating wasted time to search for tools or objects necessary to carry out the work, making the work environment a more ergonomic and more comfortable place and we eliminated the possibility of using unsuitable tools .