Heat treatments, hardening, and tempering. Our new robotised plant blends Industry 4.0 technologies with environmental sustainability. More about our Heat Treatment Line.

It is also possible to use heat treatment to improve the mechanical properties of some steels in terms of resistance and bending.
Initially, springs are placed in a furnace and heated to high temperatures, then swiftly cooled in an oil bath. This process guarantees both tenacity and hardness. The material’s microscopic structure becomes brittle when the spring reaches its maximum hardness, which is why we temper it in an additional furnace. Hardening + Tempering = Heat Treatment. This allows us to strike the right balance between the strength, resistance, and elasticity of the steel, tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers.
Our hardening process is performed by an extremely high-tech robotised system, designed in house with the precious collaboration of Agibi Progetti, a Veneto-based company specialising in the design and automation of systems for the production and heat treatment of metal parts.
Their vision, which stands out for its innovation, constant upgrades, and customisation has enabled us to co-design a Hardening Line built to our exact specifications.

We have expanded the component parts of the heat treatment island at our new plant with a new tempering furnace, two more cooling stations, and a truck.
We’ve incorporated a truck into our anthropomorphic robotised arm design to enhance freedom of movement, thereby facilitating the complete automatised management of tempering and stock. By eliminating the need for human intervention when moving heavy loads, we are able to save time and, above all, safeguard the well-being of individuals.
Process and product repeatability and reliable results are guaranteed across the entire line. Agibi Progetti implemented all automation and connections. The process is entirely automatic and automated.

Isola di Bonifica con robot antropomorfo a 7 assi, forno di tempra, forno di rinvenimento, truck per la gestione automatizzata.

Heat treatment island with 7-axis anthropomorphic robot, hardening furnace, tempering furnace, and truck for automated management.
Our new Heat Treatment line has revolutionised and optimised the entire production process, allowing us to obtain numerous benefits, including enhanced process efficiency, data acquisition and logging, compliance with Industry 4.0 requirements, energy efficiency, and full process/product traceability.
A great plus point for us, and an added value for our customers, is the new software system for tracking each individual spring that undergoes machining. Like us, Agibi Progetti plays close attention to the environment and strives constantly to reduce its energy
consumption, allowing environmental considerations and economics are to be integrated into our activities and products as a result.
Our tempering furnace is fitted with a patented No Smoke System to eliminate smoke, guaranteeing maximum energy savings. Smoke generated inside the furnace’s hot chamber is transformed into CO 2 , heat, and H 2 O, which immediately turns to steam.
Our furnaces, FCO-C for tempering and FCO-TM for hardening, keep consumption levels down, thanks to the use of specially developed systems that recirculate air, in addition to eco-friendly insulation to reduce heat loss, and mobile bulkheads at the front and back for maximum insulation.
We are committed to continually investing in technologically advanced, top-performance machinery on a constant basis to uphold high product and process standards.