As for the production of springs, Adriatica Molle has created many solutions for hand tools, blanking and electronics sector for the Piegiacomi Sud company.

The Piergiacomi Sud case once again highlights the endless possibilities of giving life to concrete projects starting from a simple details like the spring.
The springs used were made in the production of cutting tools and extractors.

Springs for tools

The springs requested by Adriatica Molle were used to produce numerous tools, including the following tools for cutting and extractor tools.

Each tool is characterized by a certain force, and each has a specific function. Adriatica Molle has been working with Piergiacomi Sud for over thirty years and is proud of this lasting relationship.

Piergiacomi, a hand tools company

Piergiacomi Sud for over 30 years, with its line “Piergiacomi Quality Handtools” is a leading company in the field of production of hand tools, blanking, for electronics and, in part, for electrical engineering. The range of articles is very wide and required throughout the global industrial electronic market. All Piergiacomi products are ENTIRELY designed and manufactured at our Ascoli Piceno factory. So let’s talk about “Made in Italy”.

Shaped springs produced by Adriatica Molle

Adriatica Molle designs and manufactures shaped springs with wire diameters from 0.3 mm to 8.0 mm in automatic and up to 32.0 mm manually, according to customer specifications.

These springs are made for various applications: spare parts, mechanics in general, model making, toys, electronics, lighting, food, fashion, objects, dosing pumps, door phones, biomedical.

According to the needs and requirements, the springs are produced both with standard materials such as carbon steel, alloy, stainless steel, or with special materials such as Titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, Nimonic, Rene, Waspalloy, Springflex.


If you wish to submit a project or receive an offer for shaped springs, write to us.