When we think of the springs we imagine small apparently unimportant objects. Yet each spring is a fundamental part of a larger project. Small or big, that project without that spring would not work. Spring is that detail that makes the difference and can solve a security problem like Ellen’s case.

The compression spring in the petrochemical industry: the Ellena case

Ellena Spa is a company specializing in machining precision machining tools for chip removal and industrialization, co-design, assembly and testing of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies. It operates in several sectors, including the petrochemical industry. In this field, between the various processes, it produces valves and actuators that go to the oil platforms.

The actuator intervenes to solve the problems caused by a valve malfunction. In this sense it has a security function. To trigger the actuator is one of its components, a spring. Specifically it is a compression spring. This spring is usually coated on a surface, allowing it to work in environments rich in corrosive agents, or made of special materials.

We are proud to be part of such important projects.

Compression Springs


Adriatica Molle produces and designs both small compression springs, with 0.1 mm wire diameters, and large with wire up to 32.0 mm, as per customer specifications, even with variable geometries (conic, biconica, with variable pitch , etc.). Compression springs are used for various purposes including for car and motorcycle trim, mono shock absorbers, spare parts, mooring, valves, toys, forks, modeling, earth moving, naval, vibrator, food, metering pumps, intercom, biomedical and not least the petrochemical one.