The new Spring Former started producing and the results are amazing: shaped springs, double torsion springs, and even compression springs to a particular size.

We had already talked about the Spring Former and to remember it is the new model NFA 80, developed by Shinko to make springs with special geometries. The new Spring Former is equipped with a latest-generation software that allows simple and fast tooling machine.

Spring Former NFA-80 Shinko

Spring Former NFA-80 Shinko

Particular Springs and application sectors

Thanks to this machinery, we have already produced various types of springs, both with complex geometries that with very tight winding ratios. The machine has been tested with various types and sizes of wire, starting from Ø4,0 mm to maximum size of Ø8,0 mm.

There are several areas of application, ranging from fitness equipment and parts for the furniture industry, through valves and mechanical engineering in general, until the realization of special applications.

Below you can see some of the projects and produced springs.

  • Molle sagomate nel settore fitness ( es: tapis roulant e spin bike)

Molle sagomate settore fitness

molle sagomate settore fitness BNDiscover other special shaped springs

And now we see the Spring Former in action in the realization of torsion springs (first video) and double torsion springs (second video).

Adriatica Molle is available to accommodate your needs, plan together different types of springs and propose the most appropriate solution.