Werkstoff number: 2.4654

Correspondence to specifications:

W. n. 2.4654; UNS N07001; AWS 170; AISI 685;

Main applications:

Engine parts, gas turbines, aerospace parts, springs and fasteners



Waspaloy® is a nickel-based superalloy that hardens with tempering and has a useful resistance to temperatures up to 760-871°C (1,400-1,600°F), in addition to good oxidation resistance in gas turbine motor turbines up to 871°C (1,600°F). Wasapaloy resistance to pouring breakage is higher than that of Alloy 718 at higher temperatures than 621-648°C (1,150-1,200°F).
Its resistance is generally compatible to that of Rene 41 and is generally higher than Inconel 718.