The MC 30 wrapping machine has 9 electronically controlled axes and can process wires up to 3 mm in diameter, with preload control.

New 9-axis wrapping machine, which processes wires with a diameter of 0.4 to 3.0 mm

This new machine allows us to continue to improve production efficiency and quality, compensating for the needs of the market that increasingly requires: speed, quality, with less quantity.

This machine is suitable for the production of right-handed and left-handed compression and extension springs, with very complex variations in shape and pitch.

Technological contribution

«On this machine it is possible to check the preload of the spring in execution, adapting the inclination of the winding spikes to the helix angle described by the spring, to the advantage of the production of springs with preloads and / or variable diameters».

Built with “Motion control” technology that allows greater productivity compared to the previous generation CNC winders and with refined mechanical solutions, which facilitate the setting up, thus reducing the setup times.

Equipped with digital video camera for measuring and checking the length and diameter of the spring.

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