The technical laboratory of Adriatica Molle is enriched with a new machine, a metallographic cutter of VERDER SCIENTIFIC Srl, a company that proposes ATM Gmbh products specializing in the production of metallography tools used for process quality control in all industrial sectors Where precise analysis of the physical structure of metals is required.

The new machinery purchased is the BRILLANT 250.3, a CNC (CNC) bench saw for sizes up to 135mm in diameter. One of the features that distinguishes itself is the cutting mode, called LCC, Low Contact Cutting, which allows you to make sections on various types of materials with different geometries and sizes.


The cutter is commonly used in metallography, materialography, mineralogy as well as cutting composite materials (CFC / PMC / MMC) or electronic devices such as PCBs.

Advantages of the metallographic cutter

Thanks to the new metallographic cutter we will be able to offer a more accurate service to our customers, to cut the specimens and to evaluate in a much more detailed manner the quality of the raw material and its mechanical characteristics following the thermal treatments. Working in the most diverse areas, some of which are delicate, you need to provide details with a high degree of quality control to maximize their functionality.

Brilliant 250.3 offers the following advantages:

  • Manual or automatic horizontal movement (variation of the equipment)
  • Manual vertical movement
  • Electronic cutting force control
  • Electronic distance control (depending on the equipment)
  • Electronic cutting force limiter
  • Memory for saving programs (depends on the equipment)
  • Wide range of locking systems available

Adriatica Molle is available to offer a metallographic and mineralogical evaluation of the materials as well as for the cutting.