We feel responsible for the impact that our business has on the environment and we have chosen to take action to make it more sustainable.

The solar panels that we installed on the roof, in 2008, produce about 70% of our electricity needs, with a saving of CO2 emissions estimated at around 100,000 kg / year.

On this occasion, the asbestos present was removed and replaced with self-supporting insulating sandwich panels allowing an implementation of 30% thermal insulation.

In 2010, we created a new drinking water supply and distribution system through the installation of special drinking water treatment equipment connected directly to the aqueduct; this system has led to the complete elimination of 2,400 PET bottles / year.

In the same year we adopted a system for the use of reusable technical cloths for cleaning hands, machinery and workstations from oils and greases, in place of disposable paper.

Since 2013, we have been constantly monitoring energy absorption throughout the entire structure through a computerized energy management program that has allowed electricity savings of around 50%.

In 2016 we replaced the old lighting bodies in production and in the offices with LED lamps, thus obtaining on one hand an energy saving of 60% on the other a better brightness.

Still in 2016, to increase the soundproofing and decrease the heat loss, micro-perforated sheet panels were installed in the attic plus a glass wool mat.