Adriatica Molle has implemented and perfected an calculation software integrated to ERP management that allows you to calculate, study and plan the desired spring, in connection with all materials currently available in stock.

The software used (Infracom Panthera) allows the calculation of compression and extension springs using the following parameters inside the same calculation:
Resistance of the various materials;
• Modules G;
• Specific weight;
Operating temperatures.

There are many benefits that have been achieved by Adriatica Molle and its customers through the use of new software:
•    Studing, design and calculation of Compression springs and extension springs;
•    It enables the design of special springs that cannot be calculated with classical methods;
•    Spring graphical display;
•    Immediate formalization of the budget, calculated according to the spring characteristics;
•    Generation of the production model, or BOM, created automatically from quotation.

calcolo molle

calcolo molle

As regards to all the other types of springs (torsion, shaped and flat) the software allows to calculate the weight and the development to define the quote, but not the calculation.
This function is already in the feasibility study to be implemented in the near future.
Adriatica Molle studies and designs springs of all types, even those with special materials, in relation to the various uses and / or applications for each target sector, from aereonautics to mechanics, from medical to Biotechnology.