There are numerous applications of compression springs. In general, the compression springs are used in cars, motorcycles, shock absorbers, spare parts, in the shipping industry, for moorings in the biomedical field, in the field of ground handling, the door communication and in many other sectors.
Adriatica Molle has a Planning and Development Department within which gives life to compression springs tailored to suit every budget and purpose. Furthermore Adriatic springs makes use of a particular of the springs calculation software integrated to the management through which it is able to design and calculate springs of every kind, even special ones that can not be calculated with classical methods.


The compression springs carried by Adriatica Molle can be alloy steels and pretemperati also highly resistant. For particular applications of the springs we use special materials such as titanium or alloys of Nickel.


Among the surface treatments for compression springs Adriatica Molle performs there are peening, sandblasting, Oiling, Galvanic generally and painting. Each spring can also be customized and in particular the springs can be identified individually by laser writing, for example by affixing the spring load number or even a logo.

Adriatica Molle is available to accommodate every need of achievement, studying and planning together the best compression spring solution.