During these days the new season of the series A volleyball championship has broken down with the first day round of Super League. Among the top teams there is Lube Volley and Adriatica Molle will be with them in this adventure.


Adriatica Molle Sponsor Lube Volley

Adriatica Molle is among the new sponsors of Civitanova Cucine Lube. Blending Adriatica Molle and Lube Volley are, next to the passion for the sport, the history and the successes that make us leader in their own field. On the one hand, we have Adriatica Molle which boasts a history of over 35 years of business, with around 400 customers each year, for a total of more than 2,000 companies served. On the other, we have Cucine Lube, a volleyball team that plays in the top division A1-Super League from season 1995/1996 series and has had numerous cups of “Champions of Italy”, “Italian Super Cup”, “Cup Italy “and” Champions League “.

This adventure will take us to all the 2016/2017 season and you can follow games with us, dating to the hall. Not least of course you will see the logo Adriatica Molle on the uniforms of the Lube Volley players.

Follow us and cheer Lube Volley with us.