When we say quality, our imagination certainly points to products but the concept is much broader. In fact, we are talking about integrated quality: requirements for the implementation of a management system, in order to conduct business processes, to improve effectiveness and efficiency in product manufacturing and in service delivery, to achieve and to increase customer satisfaction.
Just this week Adriatica Molle is under the attention of the evaluation of the quality and environmental performance. As is the custom, every year it takes place periodically surveillance checking and control by the certification for the renovation and maintenance of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EMAS. Adriatica Molle made certifications and quality concept to be a real company philosophy.

There are many business decisions in favor of the respect of the environment: photovoltaic system for energy saving, reduction in hazardous waste and special attention for the recovery of raw materials. Finding today tomorrow’s solutions is anticipating market demands. Here is is the great challenge. And Adriatica Molle responds with the facts. The new customer requirements push to experiment with innovative solutions.


Let’s take a look at the individual application to understand the value of a company certified as Adriatica Molle.
ISO 9001 defines the requirements for a management system of the quality of an organization. The requirements are general and can apply to any type of company. In 2015 there was the last revision that introduced some new features including an assessment of the risk management and a company reorganization of processes and activities in order to articulate the daily operations in accordance with a vision and a group project.
ISO 14001 defines the requirements of an “environmental management system” of any organization and it is not mandatory. If a company decides to become certified according to the ISO 14001 standard establishes the will to implement and maintain a management system to monitor the environmental impacts of its activities, and systematically to improve them in a coherent, effective and above all sustainable .
EMAS is a voluntary instrument created by the European Community to which they can voluntarily join organizations (companies, public bodies, etc.) To evaluate and improve their environmental performance and provide the public and other interested parties with information on their environmental management. Primary purpose of EMAS is to contribute to the realization of sustainable economic development, emphasizing the role and responsibility of business. The objective of EMAS is to promote improvements in the environmental performance of the organizations also through:
• the introduction and implementation by organizations of an environmental management system;
• information on environmental performance and an open dialogue with the public and other persons affected by the publication of an environmental statement.

The environmental management system required by EMAS standard is based on ISO 14001, which all requirements are recalled. The open dialogue with the public is pursued by requiring the organizations to publish (and keep updated) an Environmental Statement which lists key data and information about the organization to its environmental aspects and impacts.

Finally our customers are the best certification of product and service quality. Every day we put into play with them.