Adriatica Molle embraces “today’s children, men of tomorrow” We have in fact decided to support the project designed and carried forward by the non-profit and Cultural Movement “Pensare Oltre“. The association’s mission is “To inform, dispel the fashion noise and affirm in the school and in the family, the educational values through art, sports, valid teaching, relationship to nature, to promote a new Renaissance for Children”.


Adriatica Molle and the 10 years of “Pensare Oltre”

“pensare Oltre” has just celebrated 10 years of business and decided to do it with artists, singers, intellectuals, artisans, politicians and business leaders. These have welcomed and supported the vital message of the Association during this decade. Among the companies at the celebrations there was also Adriatica Molle, who decided to support the initiative with the future of children.

“Pensare oltre” is an idea for the future that helps us to think of a better future – this is the message of Alessandro Vissani, General Manager of Adriatica Molle who attended the gala dinner for the 10 years of Pensare Oltre.

And we are proud to support our children towards this better future that we all need so much – continues Alessandro Vissani.

In this video we can relive some exciting moments of the evening, and the values of Pensare Oltre.