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News and Events

Flat springs in Duratherm 600 for motors

Innovation and research in Adriatica Molle bring to a new project for Duratherm 600 flat springs in the automotive sector. We tell you a case from Brazil which concerns a specific component for car [...]

Spring Former’s results: shaped springs, torsion and double torsion springs

The new Spring Former started producing and the results are amazing: shaped springs, double torsion springs, and even compression springs to a particular size. We had already talked about the Spring Former and to remember [...]

Volley: spring of victory flips and for Lube is Italian Cup 2017

The desire for revenge allowed Lube Volley to flip the spring of victory and win the Italian Cup 2017 men's volleyball. In front of an audience of 8000 spectators the two teams of Civitanova and [...]

Case History

New machine for quality control: metallographic cutter

The technical laboratory of Adriatica Molle is enriched with a new machine, a metallographic [...]

Plastic field? No, absolutely Lube Volley field!

A.S. Volley Lube conquers two big trophies, in the same season, for the fourth [...]

Automotive industry: Adriatica Molle landed in Brazil

Adriatica Molle internationalization goes on reaching a new goal in the automotive industry landing [...]

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