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Springs for blanking tools and electronics: Piergiacomi case history

As for the production of springs, Adriatica Molle has created many solutions for hand tools, blanking and electronics sector for the Piegiacomi Sud company. The Piergiacomi Sud case once again highlights the endless possibilities [...]

Spring in the Petrochemical Industry: Ellena Spa – Case History

When we think of the springs we imagine small apparently unimportant objects. Yet each spring is a fundamental part of a larger project. Small or big, that project without that spring would not work. [...]

Case History

Summer holidays

It's time to enjoy a few days of relaxation! During the summer holidays, we [...]

May 1st Bank Holiday closure

It's time to enjoy a few days of relaxation! We inform you that on [...]

New MC 30 wrapping machine for cylindrical springs

The MC 30 wrapping machine has 9 electronically controlled axes and can process wires [...]

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